Application Scenarios

TrackView has a wide range of applications.
The following are just some examples of how powerful it can be.

Scenario 1 Home Surveillance and Anti-theft

Have your device automatically become a full featured surveillance system with audio, video, alarm, and tracking capabilities. TrackView will detect motion, sound, and can send you alerts. Thieves that steal your smart phone or tablet can be found with real-time tracking and monitored by video and audio. With TrackView, you can feel safe and secure when you’re away from home.

Scenario 2 Find your missing smart devices quickly

Lost your phone? Have it on silent? Not a problem. With TrackView, finding your phone is easy. First locate your phone using real-time tracking, go to the location, and buzz the device. Your phone will ring even if it is on silent mode. You will never lose your phone again.

Scenario 3 Find your parked or stolen vehicles

Keep a TrackView installed device in your car and never lose it again. Easily locate where your car is with real-time tracking and protect it from theft. If your car is stolen, you will be able to find it quickly.

Scenario 4 Instant alert messages

With alarm mode turned on, TrackView will detect various events as it happens. Alert messages will then be sent to your other compatible devices. Get real-time information. TrackView can detect motion, sound, alerts you if someone picks up your device, and even tells you if they try to open your device and type in your password. In any event, TrackView equips you with the necessary features to confirm and deal with any situation so you can protect your family and assets.

Scenario 5 Protect your kids and family members

By having TrackView installed smart phones, you immediately have a great protection to your kids and your family. You will know when your kids have left school and when they arrive home. Under emergency situations, you can also connect by video and audio to see and hear what's going on, even if your kids cannot make a phone call.

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